Helpful Staff Members

Innovative Teaching

Encouraging Brain Development

A Nurturing Approach to Community Growth

Nu Life Learners provides much needed education and activity services that the community missing. The name and services are new and inviting to all walks of life. The Nu brand will cultivate the community and spread throughout the Chicago land area. Our focus is on community uplife by creating a finacial, social, educational, and safety foundations that will transform the way we address violence, homelessness, and poverty.

Youth Development

With the family support system that we will create, our skilled teams of life coaches, educators, mentors, and social service professionals will model and create healthy relationships and bonds that are lasting and beneficial for all in the community.

Community Engagement

Growth is important for every individual. At Nu Life Learners , we provide the encouragement and support needed for everyone, especially the youth, to gain independence and healthy interactions.

Creative Activities